The organization is based at Hiraizumi, Iwate in northern Japan and its member consists of 28 English, 6 Chinese, 4 Korean, 1 German and 1 French speaking guides, nationally and locally licensed and registered. We can guide not only at historical sites and tourist spots but also show you traditions, culture, customs, everyday life, local foods, etc. We focus on guiding in and around Iwate in your language and introducing the significance of the area.

■Established February 5, 2006
■Number of members 45 (including 39 licensed members, as of April, 2018)
■Languages English, Chinese, Korean, German & French
■Activities ● Tour Guide
We provide nationally and regionally certified interpreter-guides for your visit to Hiraizumi World Heritage sites as well as to Morioka & its neighboring areas, the Hachimantai area, Tono area and Sanriku coastal areas.

 ※ at least one week advance reservation required.
 ※ please contact  us even if your trip extends beyond Iwate 

● Interpreters, Translators and Seminar Instructors
   ・Visiting local businesses, Interviews
 ・Cooperation for Regional International Activities
 ・Skill-up seminars for the Association members